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What is Cokun?

We help users to regain control over their phones by blocking unwanted ads and centralizing all notifications accross system, apps and browser. In a simple way, Cokun protects you from being spammed specially from push notifications with aggresive content.

Only compatible with android phones.

Where can I download Cokun?

You can download the app from the official Google Play Store. Please note that an activation code is required in order to use the app.

What should I do if I 
lost my activation code?

Don't worry, just follow our "Recover your access code" page and start using Cokun.

What else is included 
with the licence fee?

Buying this license gives you access to all RegainControl applications: Cokun, Amachay, and Pelican VPN.

I did not subscribe to this service. 
Why am I getting billed?

The service can only be activated if you have subscribed to it yourself by sending a SMS. Service fee is mentioned in all our promotional materials.

How do I unsubscribed 
from the service?

You can unsubscribed from the service at any time by sending an SMS with the words XXX to the number XXX. You will be unsuscribed immediately.

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